My First Maternity Session

After moving to Whitehorse, Yukon I didn’t start advertising right away. For some reason I thought that people would magically know I was a photographer…in town…looking for business.

Then one day I thought to myself, “I should advertise.”

I put together a little flyer:

Fall Mini sessions (1)

And hit post.

Would you believe that not 5 minutes later I got a message about a maternity shoot? Because that’s what happened.


I know, I couldn’t believe it either.

So, I got to book my first maternity session (other than my own) and my first session in Whitehorse!

This is all very exciting.

I put A LOT of time into this shoot.

I spent time finding the perfect location. We actually make this a family thing. We drive around together- myself, my husband, and all 4 kids. We go at specific times of day and evening. We find the perfect spot for what my client requests.


Then I spend time researching the biggest factor in a shoot: weather. The week before I followed the weather everyday checking it and all I see is sunny, sunny, sunny. So I prepare for a sunny night. I read all about how to shoot on a sunny day and I practice on sunny days. I am ready for this sunny day.

Then it was cloudy. Very cloudy. Waiting for the rain to start pouring cloudy.

I hadn’t prepared for that.


Another way I spent a lot of time preparing for this shoot was poses. I must’ve spent at least 2-3 hours total finding and memorizing poses. It’s amazing how much you can forget once you are out there with a client though!

Anyway, I hope you can see what I am trying to say. I spend a lot of time preparing for each shoot. And really, that’s half the fun.

When I met my clients they were amazing. So much fun and a great couple. They even brought their dog which made it even more fun.


All that preparing always pays off. Even when the weather threw me a curve ball I felt confident in my skills and that we would have a great shoot, which we did.

What do you think of my first maternity shoot! Let me know your thoughts below!


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